As specialists in real estate, we provide one-stop services by bringing together all of our information and know-how. That is, we take care of you, offering services, which meet your real estate investing and administration needs including financial or tax consulting services, providing everything from “property information” to “tax planning strategies”.

We provide property information as requested by our customers, and make suggestions on how to select a property. We suggest financial consulting services such as loans. We offer rental property investing, real estate management/agency services. We help in maintaining a healthy cash flow using holding periods or helping the timing of the sale. We offer renovation or tax strategies.

We propose and execute the best strategy to meet your needs by closely coordinating each stage of investment in real estate.

We propose a portfolio corresponding to your investment purpose. We offer real estate market research and help you use it effectively. We offer financial consulting services, maintaining a healthy cash flow. We advise you as to what the optimal holding period for your property is. We provide assistance with practical matters such as leasing your properties, monthly administration, preparation of financial reports and so on. We work to develop a partnership with tax accountant corporations, and offer tax advice.