We shall appropriately handle the personal information necessary for our businesses in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in connection with personal information protection, the customary practice relating to handling of personal information and the following policy:

【1】Gathering, Utilization and Provision of Personal Information
We will acquire personal information through appropriate means, shall not use that information for any purpose other than the scope of such purposes, and except where required by law, we will not disclose any individual's Personal Information to a third party without the consent of that individual.

【2】Management and Custody Personal Information
We will establish the necessary measures to protect your privacy, and to prevent any disclosure or loss of, or tampering with, any Personal Information.

【3】Entrusting personal data to outside parties
We will establish safe communication using appropriate measures with any third party dealings regarding any Personal Information exchange required to achieve proper transactions between said parties, entering into a contract with that third party for the custody of that Personal Information and putting proper protections in place.

【4】Protection of Personal Information
We have established clear internal regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information and have made these regulations known to all our employees.

【5】Joint Utilization of Personal Information
If a customer's personal information is jointly utilized, separate measures required for such joint utilization will be implemented.

【6】All questions regarding requests for disclosure, correction or discontinuance of utilization of personal information, as well as any inquiry or concerns regarding privacy policy or our handling of personal information, please contact the following:
《 Personal Information Response Office》
E-Mail: info@firstraight.com